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Make Up Classes
Beginning Makeup
Learn Basic makeup skills, facial shapes, color theory, eye shapes, and sanitation. Learn how to match foundations for all skin tones, build your makeup kit and tools of the trade. Three, 7 hour classes 1 hour lunch, 18 hours total class time. (Model needed day three for hands on test. Model provided for fee.) July 30th to Aug 1st 9am to 4pm
Price: $250.00
Makeup for Photography
Learn makeup for color and black and white photography. Basic make-up skills needed. 7 hour class, 1 hour lunch, 6 hours total class time. (Model needed for class after lunch. Model provided for fee.) Aug 6th 9am to 4pm
Price: $150.00
Body Art Makeup and Spray on Tan
Learn body art, body makeup, sun safe tanning for photo shoots, and temporary tattoos. Three, 7 hour classes, 1 hour lunch, 18 hours total class time. (Model needed on day three for hands on test. Model provided for fee.) Aug13th-15th 9am to 4pm
Price: $450.00
T.V. & Film Makeup
Learn makeup application for film, high def. & television. The do’s and don’ts of shimmer and high gloss. How to break down and read a script, on set protocol. Two, 7 hour classes 1 hour lunch, 12 hours total class time. (Model needed for class day 2 after lunch. Model provided for fee.) Aug.16th-17th 9am to 4pm
Price: $395.00
The Business of Bridal Makeup
Learn how to make the Bride feel confident and the most beautiful women for her special day. Color coordinates the makeup with the color scheme. What to charge for your services also offer accessories if needed. Two, 7 hour classes 1 hour lunch, 12 hourrs total class time. (Model needed day2 after lunch. Model provided for fee.) Aug 20th-21st 9am to4 pm
Price: $250.00
Para- Medical & Camouflage Makeup
Learn what to do for burn victims, port wine stains, hyper-pigmentation, and camouflage makeup for sun spots, acne and uneven skin tones. 17 hour class 1 hour lunch, 16 hours total class time. (Model needed for class after lunch. Model provided for fee.) Aug 22nd 9am to 4pm
Price: $150.00
Beginning Airbrush Makeup
Learn simple techniques, how to break down and assemble an airbrush, pressure and trouble shooting airbrush mistakes. Two, 7 hour classes, 1 hour lunch, 12 hours total class time. (Model needed for class day 2 after lunch. Model provided for fee.) Aug 23& 24th 9am to 4 pm
Price: $200.00
Advanced Airbrush Makeup
Learn skin design with the airbrush. Face makeup techniques. How to modify makeup for the airbrush. Touch up’s on airbrush applications. Two, 7 hr classes, 1 hour lunch, 12 hrs total class time. (Model needed for class day 2 after lunch. Model provided for fee.) Aug 25 & 26th 9am to 4pm
Price: $450.00
FX Makeup
Learn scrapes, scars, cut, bruises, burns, how to put on a bold cap, live casting and molds, for teeth and body. Four, 7 hour classes, 1 hour lunch, 24 hours total class time. (Need model for 3 days. Model provided for fee.) Aug 28-31st 9am to 4 pm
Price: $700.00
Featuring: All the above classes, portfolio development includes a photo shoot, and Successful Marketing Strategies to help build your business!!! $3200.00 a saving of $1000 Certificate included with all classes. All students have to have Beginning makeup course before signing into other classes. $100 non refundable deposit required. Can be applied towards future classes.
Price: $4,200.00 $3,200.00

Innovative Hair Replacement & Hair Extension Classes
These classes are vital to persons interested in learning the latest techniques in hair replacements, hair weaving and hair extensions. You will learn the techniques of problem solving and when to use which technique.  Hair Extensions give you the opportunity to be creative and build higher profits, not to mention offer more services to your clients. Just 2 clients a week can earn you an extra $3000 and more per month.


Students w/ Proper ID

Introduction to Hair Replacements & Hair Extensions
This course instructs anyone who wants the basic knowledge of hair replacements and extensions. You'll learn about the different techniques available in the industry and how to consult with your client. Other topics include: -Forming your basic foundation -Patterns and designs -Caring for your hairpieces & extensions -Coloring & Cutting -Pricing, Marketing, & Sales Strategy -Preview of other techniques
Price: $860.00
Wigs & Prosthetics
This class will concentrate on hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation, alopecia areata, and burn victims. Students will learn how to customize and fit a stock wig into more natural looking styles. -Learn how to consult with chemotherapy clients. -Style synthetic and human hair wigs. -Be familiar with rare types of hair loss caused by trauma. -Learn how to make a mold, order hair pieces and proper attachment methods. -How to work with full cap custom prosthetics, this will allow students artistic freedom.
Price: $860.00
Christina Method (pole weave)
This method was designed to create a natural, smooth and flat foundation, in which you connect the natural hair with the hand tied weft. Virtually undetectable. Great for male and female pattern baldness. -Learn to cover bald spots. -Cover and blend thin areas. -Create smoother patterns & designs. -Learn how to attach top-of-the-head integration pieces.
Price: $520.00
Custom Hair Extension
This course covers custom designing your foundations and attachment of your commercial hair. This method is great for clients with hair loss or just fashion statements. -Learn your basic braiding (forming a track). -Bonding and sewing. -Learn how to add volume, length, and highlights. -Using netting for a smoother effect (great for non-braiders).
Price: $860.00
Hair Integration
Learn how to design, cut, order, and style permanently and semi-permanently attached hair systems. Great for clients with thin or thinning hair or clients that desire a fashion change. Add volume, length, or highlights without damaging client's hair. Most systems will last 6-8 weeks. -Learn how to pre-measure clients head -Customize clients style -Proper application and maintenance. -How to build and market your business
Price: $860.00
Making Hand-Tied Wefts & Ventilation
Learn how to customize and make your own hair pieces and wefts. This is a must for those clients whose hair colors are hard to match up. Hand made weft eliminate bulkiness on the head. This will allow the technician more profit in the pocket. -Learn to make hand-tied weft from bulk (loose hair). -Blend different colors to customize your wefts. -Ventilate your top pieces, closures, and facial hair. -Make lace front pieces (also great for bald spots). -How to attach and remove your lace pieces safely (glue versus tape).
Price: $445.00
Locking Method
This method is excellent for thinning hair and can be used to cover bald spots. Great for hair to fine and thin to braid or use the machine. Saves time and has a very smooth finish. -Application- using hand-tied weft, needle and thread. -Learn versatile applications and styling
Price: $445.00
Strand by Strand
Strand by Strand uses bulk, loose or glued tips of hair to achieve a natural, free flowing look. This is the method used by most celebrities today. -Learn various applications & methods. -Maintenance and proper removal. -Pricing & marketing. -Custom blending of colors & textures.
Price: $445.00
Hair Additions for Film/T.V./Film
This class is for a stylist interested in creating different looks for models and actors in the entertainment industry. Now you can take a person from short to long, red to blonde without even touching their hair. -Learn proper applications of lace wigs. -Custom fitting of wigs. -Application of lace fronts and facial hair. -Removing and maintenance of wigs & pieces.
Price: $375.00
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