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Getting to Know Me!

Getting to Know Me!
Some of you may wonder, "What does Bridget mean by that?" Well, for those of you that really know me will understand this blog. For the rest that need to know me, allow me to explain. My full name is Bridget Winton, I'm the proud owner and stylist of Bridget's Essence of Beauty, a full service salon since 1984.
Ever since I could remember I've always had a passion for helping people. When I was a little girl and my grandfather (a minister) was alive, I would always rub his feet, neck or shoulders. He would tell me, "Bridget that sure feels good, your making grandpa feel better." in return I would say, "Thanks papa - someday I'm going to help a lot of people feel good." Back then I had visions of being a nurse or even a doctor of some capacity. Then I wanted to be a famous actress or just be on television. The whole concept in my mind at that age was to help and be heard. So ever since I've actually followed my dreams and goals. While in high school, I participated in almost every sport I could do, sang in the school choirs, starred in many high school drama plays even was on the cheer-leading squad for two years. You name it, if I could try I would do it.
After high school, I went to college and repeated the same process, all to end up a licensed cosmetologist. But guess what, don't take that career lightly because there's only a few people in the whole world that actually have a certified licenses to touch people. Those professions are as follows;
1. Doctor
2. Dentist
3. Cosmetologist (Manicurist, Estheticians)
4. Massage Therapist (Holistic Health Practitioner)
5. Mortician (They are the last people to see you go) :)
As you see the list has five types of professions where people take helping people serious. You have to have a concentrated education to do what we do. You might as well say being a cosmetologist is like being a psychiatrist. We get to know people, listen to them and try to please them and give them positive results even though you might not get the same respect in return. That's why just being a hairstylist wasn't enough for me. I went back to school and received my license to become a massage therapist, certified nutritionist and certified educator. I'm no way finished yet. I believe I will always try to take myself to the next level and always surround myself with positive people.
Along the way I manage to get married and divorced. Tried it, liked it and might try it again someday. But the experience was great to look back on. I have had a few interesting relationships with men that have had lots of money and some that were flat broke. It's nice to experience both sides of the financial ventures to know what love is really all about. Now that I'm older, when it comes to men it's all about me (to a point). You just know what you want, that's all I'm saying.
Okay, to get to the meat and potatoes of what I'm saying in this blog is this; get to know me before you judge me. You have know idea where I've been, who I know and what I've been through. I was truly blessed with a loving family that tried to give me the world when that were struggling themselves. My family, meaning parents, grandparents etc., have always taught me the meaning of hard work. It was told to me at an early age to work hard for everything you want because no one is going to give you anything. They also taught me to treat people and elders with respect. You don't have to trust everyone but at least show them respect.
So along the way in my life, I have had some wonderful experiences, traveled to a few places, met and worked with some really famous people, made some awesome money and had a lot of fun doing it all. You know I'm still in the helping business. I can't complain about a thing in my life because God has truly been awesome to me. Just when I thought I wanted to complain, I've seen some people worst off than me and I zip my lips quick. Everything that has come my way is due to the hard work and dedication I've put into it. I have the best life anyone could ever want. I call my own shots, because I own my business and it's entities within it, I make my own money, the only person that can control my finances is Uncle Sam. I'm trying to stay far away from him.
So all you player haters, don't hate the player, hate the game. Maybe you should learn the rules and play fair. I'm only following in the path that God has mapped out for me. I love what I do and what I'm going to do!Life is only going to get better from here so just make sure when you are talking about me or getting to know me, please say my name correct and spell it correct. My mother doesn't like it when people spell incorrectly.
For the people that are reading this, come get to know me because I'm a very loving, trust worthy, very dependable, willing to give you my last dime type of person. Some people are just jealous that I am who I am. I love them anyway. I know there are many of you going through the same thing I am. It's all over the world, you are not alone. I'm not perfect, but I do think about people feelings and try my best not to hurt them.
Peace, Love and Happiness....


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Alexia (Bridget's Assistant) on Thursday, June 14, 2012 2:40 PM
Sorry that it has been a while since we've been posting, but we're getting back to it! There will definitely be more to come!
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